I wanted to say thank you.

On May 12th, we’ll be ending the Remso Republic at episode #134 for the time being. This isn’t the end of the story, this is simply one chapter ending so a new one can begin. This summer Producer Ryan and I will be embarking on some awesome new projects. Because of these new projects we’ll be tackling, we needed to change and adapt in order to create the best content and results possible.

For me, I have a book coming out called “Stay Away From The Libertarians!” about some untold stories and insights into the modern liberty movement that will shed light on the wacky libertarian sub culture and weird world of politics you most likely never knew existed (full book announcement on 4/20) I’ll also be getting back to my roots as a blogger and writing more frequently for sites like RedTea, And Magazine, and Odyssey. My upcoming docuseries “Nothing-Burger: The Media vs You” is going to make you look at the media differently…Oh, and in case you think you’ll miss the sound of my voice too much, don’t worry, I’ll be announcing soon that I’ll be broadcasting again in a brand new way starting Saturday’s this summer soon (so don’t unsubscribe to whatever RSS feed or podcatcher you use) and we’ll get the party started in a fun new way adding to the Remso Republic flair you’ve learned to love.

For Haunted Republic fans and paranormal aficionados, “the Witching Hour” will premier on Fairfax Public Access starting in August and follow the team of Argos Paranormal as we investigate new locations and occult myths. Same fun, new things to fear…

Patreon peeps, don’t worry, you won’t miss a beat, expect the same content and more stuff coming your way.

Ya’ll rock, stay awesome and I’ll keep you updated.


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