Writing this book was a huge journey for me, and when writing it I wanted to appeal to both die hard political junkies, people who are politically apathetic, and folks who were fans of the Remso Republic podcast in general. Needless to say I had a pinpoint target audience I wanted to please, and when you add on the fact the premise of the book is about debunking libertarian stereotypes, it just gets even more tangled in a way.

I sent off some advanced copies of the book to friends, peers, and some of the role models who have really shaped my mindset and beliefs to get their input. Here is what they had to say.

“Remso Martinez is a ball of fire! He has already earned a reputation as an indefatigable organizer and engaging podcaster. Now he can add insightful author too his growing roster of accomplishments!”

~Jennifer Grossman, CEO of The Atlas Society

“Remso is a politically savvy and well-thought-out American wise beyond his years. Peppered with humor in all the right places, Stay Away From The Libertarians! Is a fantastic look at our political landscape from an author with a colorfully honest and extremely articulate perspective. Get this book!”

~Dan Wos, author of Good Gun Bad Guy

“Remso in everything he does puts forth an amazing enthusiasm for the ideas of liberty and you get nothing less in Stay Away From The Libertarians! A fun and enjoyable story into what libertarianism is truly about.”

~Alex Merced, former Libertarian candidate for US Senate

“Remso does a wonderful job of incorporating the principles of libertarianism with his own personal journey to the philosophy of freedom. This book combines humorous anecdotes with political theory, all while recognizing the realities of the world we live in.”

~Tim Preuss, host of The Tim Preuss Podcast

I’m excited to say this is just the first batch I’ve received, and hopefully I’ll continue getting some good news.

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