By Josh Withrow

Why would a self-identified libertarian write a semi-autobiographical book and call it Stay Away from the Libertarians? Well, first, it made you look. Second, author Remso W. Martinez has a story to tell, and he might as well start it with something provocative because he’s not pulling any punches.

What results is a frank, lively, and at times hilarious odyssey into the odd and often vicious team sport that is politics. Through his own experiences and evolution from a self-admitted generic Fox News semi-neoconservative Republican to a seasoned, if cynical, small-L libertarian (the small “L” matters), Remso invites you to join him in having many idealistic notions shattered as he dodges authoritarians on both the left and the right, and crazies in between.

Throughout, Remso weaves his own tale together with a broad command of history, economics, and philosophy. He seeks to provoke not merely controversy, but also much-needed introspection from political groups whose members are often too busy screaming at one another – or blinded by their own perceived radiance – to take a step back and think. Remso’s cutting wit hardly spares himself, and he invites others to likewise take an honest glance at a mirror once in a while.

You don’t have to fully agree with his conclusions to gain insights from his encounters with and subsequent rejections of holier-than-thou conservatives, died-in-wool team-sport-emulating political party devotees, frighteningly authoritarian progressives, literally racist alt-right trolls, and wacky libertarian purists. Unlike many who have walked a similar path, Remso has kept an open mind and learned from his last decade’s journey, and he leaves a wreckage of shattered misconceptions and smoldering burnt straw men in his wake.

Stay Away from the Libertarians! knocks down barriers to understanding and appreciating liberty so that you don’t have to, even (and perhaps especially) when that means saving libertarianism from the Libertarians. More importantly, it’s just a fun read.

Stay Away From The Libertarians! will be available on Amazon June 23rd. You can pre-order an autographed copy here.

About Josh Withrow

jwithrow-150x150Josh Withrow is the Director of Public Policy at Free the People. Prior to joining Free the People, Josh Withrow was the Legislative Affairs Manager at FreedomWorks. There, he oversaw federal legislative priorities and spent considerable time working with allies on the Hill to develop and implement policy strategies to advance liberty. He was also responsible for managing FreedomWorks’ legislative scorecard, determining which votes to score and weights assigned.

Before joining in the cause of liberty, Josh was on the path to academia, earning his B.A. in Classics and History from the University of Nebraska, and his M.A. in Medieval Studies from Western Michigan University. When not working (which is rarely) Josh can be found reenacting the Civil War, playing classical piano or cheering on his New England Patriots.

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