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Independent Journalist Remso W. Martinez Debuts New Libertarian Book

Fairfax, Va. —Independent journalist and libertarian activist Remso W. Martinez has released his first book “Stay Away From the Libertarians” today. Remso debunks myths, misconceptions, and outright lies thrown at libertarians ranging from the idea that votes can be stolen to the radical notion that you own yourself. From personal stories to ignored history, the author lays out the facts and asks the reader if these dastardly libertarians are as much of a threat as the mainstream media and establishment politicians make them seem. It is available on Amazon and on his website for purchase.

Martinez’s book has received initial praise from libertarian and political thought leaders.

“Remso Martinez is a ball of fire! He has already earned a reputation as an indefatigable organizer and engaging podcaster. Now he can add insightful author too his growing roster of accomplishments!” said Jennifer Grossman, CEO of The Atlas Society.

Director Dallas Jenkins added, “Most libertarians sit on the sidelines, congratulating themselves for how enlightened they are while they smirk and sigh at everyone else. If the libertarian movement grows, it’ll be because of leaders like Remso and books like this, pulling the rest of us along.”


Remso W. Martinez is an independent journalist and libertarian activist  based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. He holds an Associates in Science from Marion Military Institute and a BS in US Government Politics and Policy from Liberty University. He has an extensive record of community organizing and campaign involvement, having managed and staffed numerous local, state, and federal races for liberty-minded candidates in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He also filmed and produced the documentary, American Statesman: The Nick Freitas Story. In addition, he has been published in The American Conservative, FreedomWorks, The Libertarian Republic, TheBlaze, HotAir, and Newsbusters. Learn more about the author at    


You can grab your copy of Stay Away From the Libertarians! Today on Amazon or purchase a signed copy here.


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