by Alex Lemieux

“Stay Away From the Libertarians” is the perfect title for this book as Remso Martinez uses punchy, provocative, and polemical accounts from his short, but interestingly bountiful life to debunk the false fables surrounding the “Liberty Movement,” everything from the malcontent nature of the Libertarian-kind, to pirating votes from political parties, and humbling those who believe anyone with an “L” beside their name on a ballot is nothing more than an LSD-crazed, Anarcho-capitalist donning a tin-foil hat.
His allegorical explanation of discontent with all those who poisoned the waterhole in Washington dictates a new narrative for Libertarians as Remso is setting the record straight of what the movement means, and not how it shaped his life, but how his personal story fits neatly into the space between the quills of the party’s porcupine.
In the all-seeing eye of the leviathan of big government, Remso shows he’s public enemy number one with this dip into the swampy waters of political gonzo journalism.

About Alex Lemieux
Alex is an assistant editor with The Republican Standard.

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