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11:07- Debate starts

11:10- “Senator Kaine is a nice guy, but he’s too liberal and too weak” -Corey Stewart

11:13- “We have a president that is too divisive… Virginia doesn’t want to go back to division” -Tim Kaine

11:17- Regarding the Trump tariffs, Kaine is against the tariffs on our traditional trade partners, Stewart is not in favor of the tariffs but wants reciprocating tariffs with the intention of unilateral free trade.

11:18- Kaine states he “does not want to repeal the [Trump] tax cuts”

11:21- “Corey Stewart supported the biggest deficit busting tax bill ever in 2017” -Tim Kaine. Kaine discusses his lead on the armed services committee to audit the Pentagon.

11:22- “Not only are you an extreme liberal, you’re bad on math” -Corey Stewart

11:23- “Social Security is a pact, not a welfare fund” -Corey Stewart

11:24- “My opponent wants to repeal Obamacare and Medicaid” -Tim Kaine

11:29- “I support covering pre-existing conditions, that is common sense” -Corey Stewart

11:33- “Corey said when he was getting into the campaign he was going to make it nasty, make it personal, or make it up” -Tim Kaine

11:36- “You wanna go back to the day women would go to jail for exercising their reproductive rights…” -Tim Kaine

11:37- “You can bet your bottom dollar…Senator Kaine for vote against anything President Trump does… because he’s an ultra-liberal controlled by the ultra-liberal wing of his party.” -Corey Stewart

11:40- Moderator asks if Stewart will support an outright abortion ban, he said “if” Roe v. Wade is overturned, the issue of abortion access should go back to the states.

11:46- “[Senator Kaine] was quiet when Russia invaded Crimea” -Corey Stewart

11:48- “He [Stewart] is a President Trump acolyte” -Tim Kaine

11:49- “He [Trump] believes Vladimir Putin over our [intelligence community]” -Tim Kaine

11:50- “We cannot let the Senator from Virginia go to Washington and repeal your tax cuts” -Corey Stewart

11:51- Senator Kaine asks why Stewart skipped a PWCBOS meeting to go campaign for Roy Moore. Stewart dodges question completely and targets Kaine’s term as governor.

11:55- Moderator asks why Stewart is associated with white supremacists and why the RNC Senate Victory fund refuses to support him. Stewart asks why media doesn’t focus on Kaine’s anti-semetic associations.

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