A few months back I published a blog about the songs I listened to while writing my book “Stay Away From the Libertarians!” And this time I’d like to enhance your reading experience by providing you with the songs I think match each chapter best.


Introduction- N.W.A “Straight Outta Compton”

Communist High School Musical- Our Last Night “Cold Water [Cover]”

Mitt Romney’s Worst Volunteer- Rise Against “Collapse”

How to Lose to Liberals- Ice Cube “No Vaseline”


Put the Kitten Down! – Tone Loc “Funky Cold Medina”

One Day We’ll All Eat Zoo Animals- Epic Rap Battles of History “Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson”


The Youth in Revolt- Eminem “Without Me”

The Economics of Hooters- Bruno Mars “Finesse”

3:10 to Selma- Hamilton the Musical “Alexander Hamilton”

No Saints in the System- Limp Bizkit “Take a Look Around”

It’s the Libertarian’s Fault- the Offspring “Why Don’t You Get A Job?”

Internet Killed the Video Star- John Mayer “New Light”


Macho Flash- Sublime With Rome “Take it or Leave it”

Alt-Right vs Galt-Right- Chris Goss & the Forest Rangers “Sitting on top of the World”

Joan Holloway’s Lessons for Libertarians- “A Beautiful Mine”


Taco Trucks on Every Corner- “Immigrants” from the Hamilton Mixtape

Making Freedom Fun Again- Bastille’s “Quarter Past Midnight”


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