Libertarian Gubernatorial nominee for New York, Larry Sharpe, went on the Joe Rogan Experience and laid out the issues with our modern public education system along with a platform for real, transparent reform, in a near perfect, articulate fashion- and Joe Rogan got triggered, like seriously triggered.

Listen to Remso’s interview with Larry 

So what were the points that caused Joe to basically shut down?

  • Standardized testing doesn’t help teachers or students, it only creates a fractured system where schools have to choose between authentic learning or doing good on a test which doesn’t determine a student’s true understanding of the material or their potential for success in the future. In fact, as we saw with Common Core testing in New York, schools will do anything in order get the federal money that comes with good scores, sometimes leading to tragic results.
  • It is a common fact that teachers are vastly outnumbered by school administrators. These administrators do fulfill the necessary school functions, but far too often do these bureaucrats force teachers to abide by unrealistic standards that prevent teachers from doing what they know is best in order to help their students.
  • By eliminating unnecessary administrators, you cut the unnecessary funds that can be allocated elsewhere and allow teachers the freedom they need to succeed and help their students thrive.
  • By eliminating the draconian K-12 public education model and allowing students to graduate at 10th grade, you open up numerous potential paths for students:
    • Allow students who are excelling academically to begin college or at least see if college is for them by earning an Associates degree.
    • Other students can begin to go directly into internships or apprenticeships in order to learn valuable skills; this is especially important when you look at the deficit of welders, plumbers, and machinists in New York and the rest of the country.
    • Let students go directly into a trade school as we discussed in the previous point.
    • Give students the opportunity to go directly into the workforce or even start a business.
  • Give more power to local school boards and PTA’s so they can develop the methods and strategies that benefit them compared to the top-down education system that we currently have.

Listen to Remso and Logan Albright discuss education reform

Altogether, as governor of New York, Larry would revamp New York’s education model by:

  • Empowering teachers and parents, not administrators.
  • Removing federal grants that incentivize bad practices.
  • Giving students a way to avoid massive debt, wasted time, and earn degrees and skills at an accelerated rate.
  • Cut the massive spending and rampant debt that is crippling New York

So why did Joe freak out? He uttered the typical talking points you hear from those who take the bullets for public education:

  • Less money for schools means immediate cuts to student programs and teachers.
  • Rapid chaos would occur without a top-down model.
  • Parents wouldn’t get involved to fix the problems in their school districts.
  • Lack of administrators means more burden on teachers.

So is Joe right? Not at all, and the reasons why are:

  • They aren’t using the money they are already getting wisely, so why continue to finance bad practices?
  • The token progressive argument is that without complete government control, everything would go to Hell, even though the government created this problem.
  • Parents have a moral obligation to be involved in their child’s education so pressure from austerity would force them to get involved.
  • Administrators are already adding these burdens, so this is a non-issue.

You can watch Larry’s education reform clip on the Joe Rogan Experience below:

Learn more about Larry’s campaign by clicking here.

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