“The Clash of Punk Rock and Politics”

In the inaugural season of the Remso Republic, the wildest election in American history is in full swing while libertarian media tries to gain a firm footing as the mainstream media begins to fall. Bringing on old friends and new ones alike, Remso takes on current events while trying to show that just because the Remso Republic is another libertarian podcast, there is nothing out there that has that punk rock and political clash in the sea of voices crying for your attention. From comic book artists to candidates, micro brewers, activists in between, this season is filled with amazing guests who help make the show such a unique and rare place to hear a marketplace of ideas.

EP. 1- Pilot

EP. 2- Marc Clair From Lions of Liberty Joins the Remso Republic!

EP. 3- Syndicated Columnist Kaytee Moyer Joins the Remso Republic!

EP. 4- Independent US Senate Candidate Scott Rupert Talks Liberty and the Constitution

EP. 5- Libertarian Larry Sharpe Joines the Remso Republic

EP. 6- Free the People’s Logan Albright Talks Civil Disobedience in Education

EP. 7- Libertarian Party of Virginia Rep. Brian Soujanen Joins the Show

EP. 8- Hip Hop Artist and Activist Corey Fauconier 

EP. 9- Daniel Herrera Talks Candidate Advice, Campaign Secrets, and Super PACS

EP. 10- Wetumpka TEA Party President Becky Gerritson Goes to Gitmo

EP. 11- Congressional Candidate Tony D’Orazio Thinks the Rent is too Damn High!

EP. 12- Former California State Assembly John “vs. the World” Hoop

EP. 13- Republican Congressional Candidate Rebekah Bydlak

EP. 14- Libertarian US Senate Candidate Lucy Brenton

EP. 15- The Libertarian Republic Editor in Chief Keith Farrell

EP. 16- Libertarian US Senate Candidate Alex Merced

EP. 17- Political Blogger Extraordinaire Lina Bryce

EP. 18- Joey Clark and the Seduction of Power

EP. 19- Ed Lopez from Republicans for Johnson-Weld

EP. 20- Former Virginia Gubernatorial and US Senate Candidate Robert Sarvis

EP. 21- Chloe Anagnos Joins the Show

EP. 22- US Senate Candidate Merissa Hamilton Talks Pro-Life Libertarianism

EP. 23- Novelist Andrea Rand and the Lure of Socialism

EP. 24- Radio Rock Star Johnny Rocket Strikes Again!

EP. 25- Heather Nixon Joins the Show

EP. 26- Libertarian Congressional Candidate Craig Bowden…

EP. 27- Brittany Lopez Talks “White Guilt” and the National Anthem Controversy 

EP. 28- Former Congressional Candidate Jeff Petermann Talks Trump and the SCOTUS

EP. 29- Former Presidential Candidate Kevin McCormick Talks Internet Freedom

Special #1- The New Agorist Brewery

EP. 30- Joel Kurtinitis Discusses the Future of the Conservative Movement

EP. 31- Is Spider-Man a Socialist? Learn More With Green Party Candidate Cara Nicole

EP. 32- McMullin, Trump, and Much More With Gavin From The Liberty Conservative

Special #2- Robin Koerner’s New Book “If You Can Keep It”

EP. 33- “Indoctrination” Artist and Co-Creator Matt Battaglia

EP. 34- Free the People’s Terry Kibbe Discusses AlternativePAC and the Future of Liberty…

EP. 35- Josh Withrow From Free the People and Conservative Review Talks Internet…

EP. 36- LAVA Flow’s Rodger Paxton Discusses the Election Aftermath and Agorism

EP. 37- Students For Liberty Founder Alexander McCobin Talks Leadership and a…