“The Disruptors”

The culture war isn’t a conflict between groups or individuals, it is between a vision of freedom, growth, and prosperity and a vision of collectivism, forced conformity, and stagnation. In this season Remso goes out to find the disruptors and innovators in the fields of philosophy, journalism, entertainment, politics, and business in order to show that the creative spirit that drives the future is alive and strong in today’s brave new world. This season is like nothing you’ve heard on the Remso Republic before!

EP. 101- Frontier of Disruption 

EP. 102- Truth In Journalism w/ Stephanie Hamill 

EP. 103- Dustin Gold “The Trump Guy” Fights The New World Order

EP. 104- Delegate Nick Freitas Discusses “Liberty Rising” 

EP. 105- Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan And The New Tomorrow

Special #9- MAC PAC’s Elliott Harding And The Fight For Millennials 

EP. 106- The Conservative Commentator Complex w/ Will Nardi 

EP. 107- The Character Assassination of Andrew Meyer (aka “Don’t Tase Me Bro!”) 

EP. 108- A Leap of Faith w/ Gret Glyer of DonorSee 

EP. 109- 10 Books You Should Check Out 

EP. 110- Anthony Welti And Radical Kindness 

Special #10- Dallas Jenkins Explains “The Chosen” 

EP. 111- Will Liberty Dating Sites Save America?

EP. 112- Shion Fenty’s American Story 

EP. 113- Ben Cline vs The Swamp 

EP. 114- For Greater Liberty w/ Cynthia Dunbar 

EP. 115- What Is The New Right? w/ Halsey English 

EP. 116- Spanking City Hall w/ Author Melyssa Hubbard

EP. 117- A New Home For Centrists? 

Special #11- Kelley Vlahos Discusses The Conservative Anti-War Movement 

EP. 118- Can Kevin McCormick Change The Game In Arizona? 

EP. 119- The Campus Chaos w/ Kassy Dillon 

EP. 120-Renegade Politics w/ Pat Nicklaus

EP. 121- Slow Torture And The Libertarian Party w/ Mac Roberts 

Special #12- The Gerrymandering Scam w/ Kipp Meuller from Resurgent Left

EP. 122- Nate Madden Discusses The Role of Conservative Media 

EP. 123- Gabriella Hoffman Discusses The Social Media Gambit 

EP. 124- Dan Wos Strikes Back w/ “Good Gun Bad Guy 2” 

EP. 125- The Great Divide w/ Autumn Price from Rare Politics 

EP. 126- The Overton Window Part I

EP. 127- The Overton Window Part II w/ Shaun Kenney

EP 128- 5 Progressives, Communists, And Socialists You Need To Know

EP 129- Matt Waters For US Senate 

EP 130- Never Surrender w/ Daniel Herrera

EP 131- Zach Werrell Discusses “Battleground Virginia”

EP 132- Reason and Liberty w/ Shayne Wissler

EP. 133- Kathryn Lewis Against The Machine

EP. 134- Do We Deserve Liberty? Featuring Dr. Ron Paul