Awards and Special Recognition

April 2016- “Best News & Politics Podcast” on PodOmatic

September 2016 to Now- “Best Libertarian Podcasts” on PlayerFM 

December 2016- “6 Podcasts All Libertarians Should Listen To” on LWM

January 2017- “Best Clean Comedy Podcasts and Radio” on Otto Radio

February 2017- “#30 in News & Politics” on iTunes

May 2017- “#25 in News & Politics” on iTunes

July 2017- 2017 Podcast Awards nominee for news & politics

What do people think of the Remso Republic? Check out below and find out why people are listening to the fastest growing political talk show in podcasting and internet radio!

“Remso Republic is a very professionally produced show, with a unique liberty viewpoint. Remso is an excellent and engaging host who has a knack for pulling the best out of his guests.”

~Tony D’Orazio, congressional candidate for New York’s 25th congressional district

The Remso Republic is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Remso continues to impress with chatting up a variety of guests who are Liberty loving but certainly don’t agree on everything, which keeps the show fresh and interesting.”

~Andrea Rand, novelist

“Remso has hit the proverbial sweet spot for politically minded young adults with the Remso Republic. His ability to mix intelligent discussion with sarcastic humor makes listening both informative and enjoyable.”

~John Hoop, former candidate for California State Assembly

“If the United States of America was more like The Remso Republic, we would all have freer markets, freer minds, and a rip-roaring good time solving the world’s problems through open discourse, fellowship, and positive action. The Remso Republic is a must listen to podcast for anyone, but especially conservatives flirting with libertarianism.”

~Joey Clark, host of the Joey Clark Radio Hour

 “Remso W. Martinez has a bright future in broadcasting. His unique blend of intelligent sarcasm is refreshing. His offering of guests who bring a fresh look at politics is a welcome oasis in a desert of dry political thought.”
~Scott Rupert, US Senate candidate for Ohio

“In a world where talking heads recycle the same rhetoric again and again, Remso Republic delivers a true message of liberty and prosperity.  It is refreshing to know there is a wave of freethinking 20 and 30-somethings who have not fallen into the same traps as the masses, and while we may never be the majority, we can and will be the voices which truly espouse freedom and point out those traps of political control to others. “

 ~Byron Shehee, former campaign manager for Becky Gerritson for Congress

“The Remso Republic is probably the newest podcast on the list and has quickly created a quality professional show. Remso Martinez brings a different perspective than many others on the list as a more conservative leaning libertarian making the interviews unique.”

~Alex Merced, former US Senate candidate for New York 

This guy is amazing! Love me some Remso!

~Johnny Adams, host of the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

Let’s get more liberty voices out there! Remso brings the liberty and millennial flair…
~Marc Clair, host of the Lions of Liberty podcast

This is a critical vessel for the millennial libertarian voice!
~Ed Lopez, Republicans for Johnson-Weld

The Remso Republic provides coveted content from the perspective of college students. The media waves lack young liberty minded voices who produce high quality and entertaining shows on a regular basis.
~Nicholas Hamilton, President of Christians 4 Freedom at Liberty University